How do I carry on??

My mum was killed in front of me when I was 11, my horse was stolen and killed when I was 14, my dad died when I was 18, my Nanna died 3 days before my birthday when I was 28, and my son was born sleeping when I was 30. How do I carry on with this life??

Hi Laura
You’ve had so much to deal with from such a young age & you never think anything could hurt you again & it does, I’m sorry sometimes it’s hard to find a reason to go on.
I’m putting myself in our two daughters shoes now,. My husband their father died 2 years ago, he was 59, our youngest daughter fell pregnant the year after but he was born sleeping, but she tried again & this week she had a beautiful baby boy. Our eldest daughter was also pregnant at the same time with her first & she lost her baby at 34 weeks at 2 days old, in the same week this month.
I’m hoping the experience of one daughter will help the other cope with her loss but my emotions are all over the place because I’m overjoyed for one & so sad for another.
How do you go on is a question I’ve asked myself loads of times, but you do, you hope that this time everything will be ok. I’ve got one grandchild out of 3 here with me but the other 2 are with their grandad beyond the stars. Hope gets me through, but it’s a tough journey & I send you lots of love & strength :heart:

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