How do i cope?

My mum passed away last Tuesday. She was diagnosed with cancer back in August 2020 and had gone through all of her treatment and was literally one scan away from being told she was in remission. Last Sunday evening she was rushed into hospital having seizures and was unconscious. We were allowed to be with her but sadly on Tuesday her medical team decided that treatment should be withdrawn as she was near the end. She lasted until later that evening and i was with her when she pased. She was 66 and my absolute rock, i cant imagine my life without her in it. I know its very early into the grieving process but i feel like im never going to get over her loss. I just dont know what to do

So sorry you have lost your mum.
It is early days for you. Probably you experiencingall type of feelings, shock and disbelief. The paint is too raw. I wish i could give you a hug.
Might the future looks sad but think in the love she gave you. She will always be with you.
Hope you are having the help you need.
Don’t rush take you time to do the paper work.
In this community if you ask for advice someone would answer.
Try to get counselling sue Ryder provide free counselling. You can call Samaritans
talk with someone and post here.

Please try to rest and drink.

God bless you Sarah <3 I’m so sorry for your loss. We’re here for you. Sending lots of love.