How do I cope

How do I cope I’m in for a tough few months on October 2011 my mum died suddenly this has left me with her anniversary, my birthday, Christmas, and her birthday to get through


It’s hard and all anniversaries are difficult. Unfortunately I personally don’t feel they get easier with time, you just learn to get through them. Having things planned helps but not doing the things you would have done in the past, also helps. Christmas is something different because it starts in a couple of weeks time and doesn’t stop until the New Year celebrations take off. The day itself can be horrendous but I tell myself it’s just that day, yes I lie to myself. Plan and make as many arrangements as possible so you are kept busy and don’t even think of the past or what should have beens. I have just had a birthday remembrance and I am further down this road, it still wasn’t easy but it was a good day and that’s it for another year, it’s an emotional roller coaster. Same say don’t even get on it from the start but that’s not me. You will get through it all and the lines become blurred with time and we become stronger and more resilient. I know I am not being very helpful but honestly you will deal with all those days. Blessings to you Sxxx