How do I cope?

My Husband passed away suddenly a year ago, he had just turned 40 & the pain is getting worse & im really not coping.

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Hi Pinkgirl. I am so sorry for your loss. Your husband was so young and your life has been turned upside down. You are grieving…losing your life’s partner and losing your life’s expected path. It is no wonder that you are finding this so hard. Do you have people to support you, to talk if you feel like talking, or just to be there for you. I hope that by reading the posts on this site some will resonate with you and give you comfort. People here do understand your pain…we are all grieving in different ways, different stories, but the common factor is loss, grief, pain and all who post here hope that our words might help a reader in some way.
Go steady, take each day hour by hour and try to see that you are doing well…by coming on here I hope that you are wanting take some control over your situation and the pain you are in.
I personally am finding a book concerning coping with grief, helpful for myself. It gives many suggestions and pointers and it gives hope to see a way forward.
You must do what you feel comfortable with, I wish you comfort and hope. Big hug Xx

Hi Pinkgirl,

I hope you know that the notion that we are supposed to be a whole lot better after a year is nonsense. It’s really normal to have times where it actually feels worse. Do you have a counsellor you can discuss this with? I also wonder if you might be feeling depressed additional to the grief? I’ve done counselling and medication, and I think – while they could not take the grief away - they saved my life. Keep reaching out for support.

I wish there was a way to make this easier, you poor love.

Take care

Louise xo

Hi. Pink girl It is only 9 weeks since my partner died and not coping very well at all. I am not surprised you are still grieving. People say it lessens after time but obviously not for everyone.