How do I go on?

I came home from work last night and my husband had collapsed in the hallway. I called 999 and they came quickly and worked on him for about 40 mins but nothing could be done. I am numb. My parents are here and are equally devastated. I don’t know how I can go on without him. I feel sick


I am so sorry for your loss. At this stage you will be totally numb. What we say on this site is 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day at a time. At least you have someone with you. You are about to go through hell there is no sugar coating it but read some of these posts. They give you hope. The sadness and loss will stay with you but you find a way to live. Whatever you are feeling at the moment just let it out. Cry. Scream. I am answering this as once again I can’t sleep. Been like that since my husband died 6th June. Xx. Sandra


I’m so sorry. This was me on the 29th January. You will be in shock just now and nothing will make sense. It’s so incredibly hard. Keep yourself surrounded with people and take all the help that’s offered. It’s going to be tough for a while, take it an hour at a time. Keep reaching out, there’s nothing that you’re going to say that we have not felt or said ourselves.


SO sorry that you are going through this, it must be devastating. Nothing much I can say will make this any less painful, but I do understand what you’re going through, as does everyone on here. As ALi says take all the help you can get, let people know what you need, they will want to help but won’t know how. Try and eat if you can, and try to keep hydrated, both will help.


I keep seeing his face when I found him. It looks like he tried to call 999 himself and was trying to get out of the house for help. I wish I had left work on time so I could have been with him sooner. I wish I had worked from home that day so I could have had lunch with him and been around him. I know I need to not blame myself or play the ‘what if’ game as there is nothing I can do to change it. I really miss him


@LenCawth I was like you on the 2nd day in shock and numb hoping it was a nightmare and I could wake up from this horrendous dream. Like you my husband suddenly and unexpectedly died at 53 years old and I was at work and missed the phone call. He was worked on for 45 mins. You are going to go through a lot of emotions, guilt being one of them which is part of grief. Take one step at a time and accept all the support that is offering. So so sorry that this has happened to you. Life so unfair and cruel. Take care and big hugs xx


I am so sorry for your loss. You will be going through every emotion right now. Please never blame yourself for what has happened. You don’t have a crystal ball and you can never expect this will happen, so never blame yourself. It wasn’t your fault. I know you will feel the guilt; it is just natural. Please get love and support from your family, and you’ll find lots of support on here. Take care. xx


As everyone has said, just try and get through each day. Keep practicing self care as this will be one of the hardest times of your life. I’m 6 months in and I try and keep busy but some days all you want to do is hide and cry. This is ok too, let the grief out, sit with it feel it fully, don’t hide it. Just do what feels right for you. Try and get out every day for a walk or sit in nature. Try and connect with others who have lost their person. Accept the help, but just know that we are all going through this together. It’s one day at a time. The mountain is high but you can climb it. Deep breaths x