How do you continue

I lost my husband 18 month ago , at times I feel my grief is worsening . Lately I just want to feel his touch , a hug to say all is well but there’s just emptiness as I try to continue life without my best friend and love x

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Dear Moonbeam

I am so sorry for your loss. You are ahead of me, it will be the first anniversary in September. But I do understand the grief worsening and missing having our husband’s warmth, closeness, love, company. I just so need him every day. Life will never be the same.

Take care.

@Moonbeam hi I am so very sorry for your loss I lost my partner pauline in April its so devastating and heartbreaking and you are right it feels so empty without them I take one day at a time right now its all I can do I hope you have support around you keep posting here you will find support everyone here understands how we are feeling and we all try to help eachother as best as we can stay safe take care sending hugs

It’s a strange thing , I am surrounded by family and friends but I feel very alone , Covid did not help and I find sometimes I cannot be bothered talking to people , returning calls , I put off for another day or don’t reply . I think my family think , I go to work so she must be ok and why is she not calling or going out now , I feel like screaming , I hurt so bad , I’m so lost in this world without him and it’s not getting any better, maybe someday they will understand x

I am so sorry for your loss too , the pain in your heart will be great. My husband lost his fight on 1st Jan , his anniversary was difficult . I think you just need to do what you want on that day but I think for me the lead up to his anniversary was worse x

I hope your family, and friends can, and will be there for you in time. I have found it hard to ask for help. Shell, my late partner, was ill for quite a long time, people eventually, stopped calling, stopped helping, so it became her and me ,against the world . Its me against the world now. We never married, despite 20 years together, and I always felt as though, I wasn’t one of them. Shells Dad passed away at Christmas, he was a rock after Shell, but he is with Shell times, especially in the evening, more at night, its lonely, just someone to talk to, 18 months since she left, longest period of my life. People are here, for you,to at least ease some pain.