How do you cope?

I recently lost my parents a week apart, I’m only 36 and they were only 68!! I’m lost without them! Have no idea how to cope!

Hi Sarah, so sorry for your devistating loss. I hope you can find some comfort in the support on this forum.

The early days are tough, but coming back to the forum I hope can help.

Thinking if you.


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Oh hun, I’m so sorry. You’re still in shock/survival mode & please know everything you feel (& are going to feel) is normal. Finding people in the same or similar situation & chatting to them was vital to me. I’m 3 months on from this & just expressing myself on social media meant others also grieving found me, & we’re still helping each other. Browsing around this site, reading other’s posts really helped me too. Online places like The Good Grief Trust are also fabulous.
Keep posting on here, everyone is lovely.
Just keep going, & be kind to yourself. X

So sorry for your loss, wish I could help you more , love and hugz

Aw Sarah I am so sorry, I am so so sorry for your loss. 68 is too young, it’s so cruel.

It’s so terribly unfair and I wish I had some words that would give you some comfort.

Just know that you are surrounded by people who want to help, and somehow you will get through this. You don’t even need to take it one day at a time, just hour by hour if you have to xx

Hi Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss. It is 31/2 months since I lost dad. I feel that only now grief is setting in with me. I do not know how to handle it along with my anxiety. Mum is depressed and not coping. I can not see any light at the end of my dark tunnel. Being able to voice our feelings here is hopefully of help



I lost my Mum when i was 34 and my Dad 2 years later when i was 36,almost 4 years on,and i am just not the same person,i just have to get through each day,for the sake of my 14 year old son. My Mum was only just turned 58 when she passed,and my Dad around 52 years old. Life is just unfair and so cruel. Like you i feel so lost,and have little other family around me. My Mum was the only person who knew what it was like to battle an on-going illness,which i have done for 9 years now. Life is so different now,and very lonely,Easter,Christmas is the worst. Glad for bedtime to come most of the time. So Sorry for your loss,Thoughts with you,Lucy,xxx