How do you cope

I lost my husband 11month ago and it’s so hard and lonely


Dear Annie11

Sorry that you find yourself on this painful journey. Just over 12 months for me. I plod on for our family. My husband was killed in a motorbike accident. Both kids and one of their partners are in counselling as a result of my husband’s loss. I do not like to venture out that much although have revisited one of our favourite spots in Helmsley as well as the Northumberland beach where we scattered his ashes.

This is a good site for sharing with others who can understand our feelings and loss so keep posting.

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Thankyou Shelia it is a hard journey first memory coming up 11th November I’m dreading it I have two wonderful children but they have there own life but try to stay strong for them but it’s so hard my husband died with stage 4 lung cancer looked after him for 10month and with Covid it was just him and me married 43years so he was my everything lv annie x x

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Dear Annie

I was with my husband for 42 years and married just over 38 when he died. Our 40th would be approaching in March next year.

As you say our kids have their own lives and I refuse to stand in their path to living their own lives. I do help child-mind our two little grandsons but it is a very hard life now without my husband by my side.

I cannot even imagine how you managed throughout the lockdown periods.

I found the approach to the anniversary quite stressful and just spent the time alone in the house as did each of our kids. Daughter no longer lives in the North East but she came up the days after the anniversary. Like yourself my husband was my everything. I did not pursue a wide group of friends as I only needed him but I have found that I have shrunk my world so to speak in anycase. I just do not want to see others.

Take care. xxx

I was married 43yrs but met john 46 years ago a think a will spend his memory on my own my children want to go for meal but not sure what to do lv and hugs annie x x

Dear Annie

Do what feels right for you.

Our son just struggles to comprehend that my grief will be different to his, our daughter just struggles without her dad and is just glad to visit back home when she can. xxxxxx