How to carry on when all seems lost

How do you cope with losing the one you love how do you begin to function again and deal with the overwhelming sadness and loss, get to feel that life is worth living again and deal with the loneliness and sadness that just swamps you every day. My loss is recent so very raw, I try not to think of him as being so ill I try to think of happier times but it just reminds me of what I’ve lost what is gone forever. I work till I drop to stop the grief consuming me I feel so alone.


my loss is recent as well My dad died . all i kept saying was wake up dad and i want him back .
Its a hard road we are all facing but try put some positive things in place .
Visit places where you and the person you lost used to visit. Put up photos of places you havebeen to together. try writing a memory book of what they said and where you went together
i find i acknowledge the grief and if i need to cry i cry if i need to sit and be still and think of him i do that. We cant try to ingnore it will still effect us and be overwhelming if we try and mask it
I still burst into tears in the most inconvienent places like a busy shopping area . I have to rush to a quiet area . Grief will hit at all times better to acknowledge it and use positve things to help you cope
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