How to cope with her death

I lost my partner 6 months ago. We were together for 7 years and she was my world. She had an overdose and died. I struggle with my memories of seeing her braindead and feel so much guilt for not being

so sorry for your loss Leslie, to lose your partner in such tragic circumstances must only compound your grief. my husband of 50 years passed away 38 hours after I was told by the doctors that the latest tests confirmed he’d got a malignancy, a mass as they put it. thankfully he never knew. I know my husbands passing is different to your loss and I cannot begin to know the thoughts runningvthroughbyoyr head. there are quite a few people on here that have lost partners in similar circumstances. I feel sure you will find a lot more support from those threads. truly hope you find the support you need

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today


Leslie. The guilt is the hardest thing to deal with the guilt and the what if what if I’d done this or that would the outcome been different we all have that l do if I made him go to the doctor sooner if thay had lisend to him and not kept dismissed him may be but we can’t live like that some how we have to let the guilt and the what ifs I’m still working on that myself it’s been 5 month for me we can’t go back I wish we could but we can’t so just be gental to yourself tc x

Hindsight is a hard taskmaster. I would suggest we can all look back and wonder ‘IF’! If we had done more. If we had seen it coming and acted. If we could have been more tolerant and understanding. My wife had dementia at the end and before I knew about it I was intolerant. When I understood that awful illness I was more understanding. But I know she would have forgiven me long ago. She was that kind of person.
Flogging ourselves with guilt is a very powerful emotion and can eat at our feelings and cause harm. There’s not a thing we can do about the past, except for one thing. We can learn about ourselves and try to understand others in trouble. We change, often beyond recognition, and it’s all part of grief and learning.
Take care…

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