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Hello my name is Trish , I’m 49 , in the space of 8 weeks and 4 days I’ve lost both parents .mum on the 31st October 2020 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s and dad suddenly on the 30th December 2020 . He fractured his hip in November, went to a rehabilitation home last week , I rang him at 3.40 last Wednesday and he was ok by 5.32pm got a phonecall to say he had passed away . I just don’t know how to begin grieving, how do you deal with two deaths in such a short space of time .one minute I’m numb then tearful and hysterical then numb again , how do you deal with this ?

Hi Trish
I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of both your parents, absolutely devastating for you, with your Dad you know that he didn’t suffer which is some comfort, better for him than you, both my parents died within 24 hours of becoming unwell, and the thought that neither had to go through a prolonged illness, did help me, there is no easy answer to this, you need to take a day even an hour at a time, try and get out in the fresh air every day, nature is a great healer, have you family to help support you ? Be kind to yourself, sending love, Jude xx

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Thankyou for your kind words Jude , my sympathies with the lose of your parents as well . Your right a least he hasn’t got to go through his dementia getting worse like my mum did , it’s just hard and so much to sort out ie flat clearance etc . But Yes I’ll take each day as it comes . Thankyou for talking to me it helps to talk to someone who’s been in the same situation.

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