How to get up in the morning

How do I get out of bed
Two months since my mum died ( it was expected due to her declining health over the last three years)
I’m so tired
I’m carer for my dad , so when I’m not at mine I’m at his helping him but when I get back to my place I hibernate.
Some days I can put on a smile for my flatmate or friend.

Any advice gratefully received xx


Hi @Swicks72

I was a carer for my mum in the last years of her life, after my dad died (both were in their eighties) Being a carer to an ageing parent was - for me - the right thing to do, but as you know it isn’t easy. All the focus understandbly tends to go on the person being cared for, but you need to look out for yourself too, especially as you have recently lost your mum. There may be a carers group in your area to meet others in a similar position that might help. If you search online for help for carers uk there is a lot of support. You will get a lot of support here too in living with your grief. Take care, Mike

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Thank you so so much - I really appreciate your comment.
Can feel isolating at times , just very grateful for your comment.


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That’s ok Sonia, keep posting on the forum if it helps. Even just reading the messages others leave can make you feel a bit less alone. Mike

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