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My daughter is 14 and we lost her dad in July this year. Although we weren’t together he was a big part of her life we got on great co parenting it was tough and keep in close contact with his family. Our daughter has showed tremendous amount of courage and had a big meltdown last night with police bringing her home. She let it out then but says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone as it will upset them and she feels awkward talking to people in general just wish I knew how to help her.

Hi is there any counselling through her school as my youngest son was offered counselling through his school or other family members or friends she could talk to.
Christine x

Hi Gogsy,

Have you tried suggesting other ways that she could let her feelings out? I struggled with some hard times when being a youngester, I was in the same boat. I didn’t wish to talk to people. Is she creative? I made a journal about my loved ones including pictures and things that reminded me of the good times? Or could she write a blog online? Depending on what sort of thing she is in to?

Take care
Em x

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