Hurts soo much

When I feel like it’s getting better as time goes on,it gets worst.i feel like a dark cloud coming over me and I’m biting at the people closest to me and then that makes me feel even worst. This whole situation we facing in the world presently is just making things even harder.sometimes I can’t stop crying and then on good days I smile but still feel soo sad.

Hi. Tree1. I know, I know! It’s an awful time to be going through with lockdowns and grief. We do, somehow, soldier on. I have talked before about the ‘YO YO effect’. Up one day and down the next. There is no real explanation for this. Our emotions fluctuate from day to day. It doesn’t take a lot to set us off.
That dark cloud does pass as all clouds do. We may not see the sun immediately, but it does get brighter. Honest!! Accepting that it’s all part of this awful process called grieving can help take the edge off the pain. Being irritable and lashing out is another of the symptoms of grief. I got very stroppy at first because I was so confused. Talking to anyone was an effort. But it passed and I began to appreciate the kind people around me and on here.
Cry, smile, let it happen. No resistance to your emotions.
Be kind to yourself as well as others. That dark cloud can ’ break with Blessings on your head’. That may not mean much now, but good can come out of the pain. Take care. The path is hard and it can seem a long journey, but all journeys end. Keep that light in the distance in your minds eye. Blessings. John.