Husband Taken not Lost

Hello My husband was taken suddenly (heart attack) 18th August I am devastated, I found this site and realise I am not alone which does bring some strange comfort to me, so many people in the same position, I never realised. To add to all of the suffering there is a inquest to be held as Paul was turned away from a hospital whilst in cardiac arrest, my daughter is dealing with this as I cannot even think about it.
Thank You for reading my rant.

Hi it’s not a rant and I’m sorry for your loss. This site is very helpful and comforting as we all know exactly how you’re feeling. Sadly it’s a club that we are all in for only one reason. Take each day as it comes, don’t expect to much from yourself. There is no right or wrong in how we grieve. We all know how you feel you have been forced into a life you don’t want, didn’t ask for and hate. I hope you have family and friends to support you. Take care and post whatever you need to. Big hugs. Kay. Xxx

Thanks Kate, yes I have a lot of family support which is a godsend, thank you for replying, I realised after I’d written the post it is a bit controversial, I’m so angry and also 20 other emotions each day, I know it will get easier I miss him so much he was my One x

Hi sorry for your loss I also lost my partner to a sudden heart attack he was only 48 I find this site is helping me as I can talk to people that are in the same position im glad your getting support from family take one day at a time.

Christine x

Hi Christine
Thanks for your kind words, I hopevyou are having a peaceful day at the moment there doesn’t seem to be many x

Hi Carol read your message so sorry for your loss. It is an unbelievable pain that no one can understand unless they have been through it. One day at a time step by step. Ann xx

Thank You Annie

I’m so sorry for your lost and I totally understand the grief, pain and shock of it all. My husband died January 5th suddenly while away on a business trip and to this day, there are times when I can’t wrap my brain around it. I’m sending you hugs and just want to say you are not alone and one day, you will smile again. When you are ready.

Hi Ericha
Im so sorry about your husband, that experience must have been devastating, we are looking forward to futures and they get ripped away from us, Thanks for your kind words x

Just to say you are not alone. My husband also died suddenly of a heart attack and cardiac arrest, in the gym, whilst I was in the pool. He died before I got to him. That was the 2nd July. The pain is intense. No one understands unless they’ve been there and on here everyone unfortunately has experienced this trauma. I’ve found this site comforting. Hope you will too. Lots of love xxx

Lin I’m so sorry to hear this, me and my husband were getting ready to go on holiday, he had just had an MOT from the doctors and was told he didn’t need to go back for another year, all of his markers were good, he wasn’t even on medication. Thank you for your kind message