I lost my previous husband in 2019 to cancer. 7 months later I met a lovely man and fell in love again. 3 months in he became ill, and after months of struggling for someone to listen and do test, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was given 6 months to live. We decided to get married and we did 1st September 2020. He passed away 8th September 2020. I can’t stop crying, I miss him terribly, he was my everything, now there’s just a big empty hole.
I can’t believe this has happened twice. Has anyone else been through this twice. How do I ever begin to live without him

Hi Molly1
So sorry this has happened to you.
Honestly is hearbreaking to read your story, it is sad that you have to face the lost of a loved one in a short time.

Someone posted a similar situation, which is sad to know that you are going throught this painful phase.
May you find consolation in thinking that they love you and that in September he try to show you how much he love you and married you. Feel his love embracing you when the tear come.

Sending you hugs xx

Thankyou that is so kind of you to message me. The proudest moment I think for him was when the pronounced us husband and wife. His face beemed.
Im so proud to be his wife, I just hope one day the short memories we had, and our wedding day will outway the sadness and pain I feel right now. I had alot of negative opinions for meeting and falling in love so soon after my previous husband passed away. I’ve lost friends and my son. But I’ve gained so much more from having him in my life. I’m so proud to be his wife even if he’s not with me physically.

Feel the love of both of them. Not everyone would have the fortune to have some one to love .

Glad both manage to married. Feel that you have both of them lookjng after you.

Friend well in this situation, one can count the reak friend with ine one, sad to realise how people behave in this grieving times.

Difficult to understand people, unwanted comments or people who try to help sometimes are tactless and thoughtless.

Your son might thought it was too soon but he might though he was losing you too. Difficult to deal when he was grieving .
You did what you though it was right for you and if you were lucky to find someone who love you , good for you.

When pain strike you feel his love.
If you ever need a chat reach out to me always here to listen.

Hugs xx

Thankyou x

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