It’s sad as nothing is going to be the same from now xx

I did take sleeping pills for about the first 4 weeks but both my doctor and counsellor told me not to continue taking them as they can be addictive and don’t necessarily give you restful sleep. I was advised to try Nytol which have antihistamine in them and help make you drowsy - they do help a bit.
My understanding is that anxiety is part of the natural grieving process and as such has to be endured like all the other horrible parts of grieving. It’s all very tiring though isn’t it - and difficult to explain to someone who is not in the same situation.
Hope you got some sleep last night and are feeling more rested.
I seem to sleep for just 2-3 hrs max at a time and then wake up almost as if I don’t want to fall into a deep sleep for fear of what I may dream about
Take care, it’s good to know we are not alone with our feelings

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