husband's floral tribute

For the past week, I’ve been trying to write a card to put on my husband’s flowers. He was only 41 and I just don’t know what to write! Why am I finding it so difficult. I loved him with every beat of my heart. But struggling to do this for him!

Is it just me or did other people find it hard?


@Gem2. I’m having the same problem. Words cannot express.

Today was the day I had to write on the card for my wonderful man. A card is so small and there isn’t enough room for what I wanted to say and the only word that came when writing was heartbroken :broken_heart:
This has totally broken me my partner passed 2 weeks ago from a sudden cardiac arrest… I had no goodbyes just a horrific scene at the top of my stairs.
I have honestly never felt pain like this, how do we keep going from day to day xx


@Gem2 , I think you have written it - “I love you with every beat of my heart” - it says it all.
Alternatively perhaps you can find a short verse from a poem that speaks to you. My condolences to you. These early days are so hard.