I am better today but I don't about tomorrow tomorrow

I came to UK with Luis 7 years ago. We had a daughter with 4 years and suddenly with a heart attack I lost him in last January. In begin I have been a robot no fellings just concern about the others but in May I have been think about take my life but suddenly I think about our daughter and my gp helped a lot and I got help here and I feel better I am not alone I have people around that understand my feelings and my pain thanks to everyone who helped me

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Hi sorry for you loss I hope your daughter is coping as well as can be. Our emotions are roller coasters anything triggers the sadness . You have been worrying about others and probably not grieved yourself until now they say one step ahead but feels like your taking 10 back. Chat on here it’s helps were all in the same boat unfortunately xx Take care of yourself


Policies So sorry for your loss. Please I beg you do not think of ending it all. My mother died when I was just give years old. I was brought up by my father and in those days men did not do this. My dad was wonderful and worked very hard despite a disability _ no help in those days. I dread to think what would have become of me if I had lost my Dad as well. Your daughter is part of your Luis I do hope you can find some comfort here. It might be an idea to try grief counselling from CRUSE . It won’t stop the pain but might help you . Don’t forget there are always people here to listen. xx

So sorry predictive text of course I mean Oliveira