I am here to support the grieving and hurting

I lost my wife to breast cancer. It is 10 years now but I found my comfort in sharing my pain with others as I also trusted in God. I would like to be of help to someone else here. I have learned that the community guidelines do not allow any advertising. I wanted to give away my book free but even that is proving difficult to do as I am unable to upload the pdf. So I will share my story here anyway as it not only helps another person but it gives me satisfaction that I am doing something useful for humanity. I am happy to talk with anyone who wants an ear to listen. I am happy to tell anyone, who will lend me an ear, my own story, I hope this will not be breaking any rules!


Bless you Khanye

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We are Christians and until recently active in the church. My faith has taken a massive hit. All the songs and words that God is good no longer have meaning as I feel God is punishing me. Lost my girl aged 53. So cruel. This has rocked my feelings. I have always been strong but how can a God who cares do this to us. I’ve not even reached 50 and I’ve lost my beautiful wife of nearly 23 years. We were enjoying life together. So unfair especially when I read her journals and she believed that God was going to heal her. Based on what the doctor’s said was the problem last year. But they were so wrong

So sorry for you Jay. I was hit the same way when my 32 year old wife was snatched from me after a period of 11 months from cancer diagnosis to death. How could I keep on smiling then? But I kept going in spite of the pain. I could not find any alternative to turn to. It was not easy and it cannot be easy to you neither. When you are unable to pray remember even Moses’ hands had to be held up for him! So we will pray on your behalf at this time and ask God to be near you now more than ever. The Bible calls death an enemy and says that death is the last enemy that will be destroyed!

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