I am irrelevant

People ask how I am coping but my answer is I have to be there for my daughter after the loss of her husband. I dont matter. Nothing can be as bad as her grief . Nothing I can do will help her. As a mother I am useless I couldn’t stop her from breaking down. This is how I feel today but tomorrow I will have cleared the negative thoughts and find something positive to do for her. And forgive myself for today.


I lost someone very dear to me, the father of my daughter, very suddenly. I haven’t been able to share all the detail with my mum, but as a daughter, I can assure you that you being there to hear her, let her breakdown in a safe place and to quietly understand her grief makes you far from irrelevant. No matter how big we get we all need our mum. I hope you’re ok. X

Thanks CatP21. I’m usually strong and positive I lost mum to the same disease that took him so it’s been overwhelming. I just wanted to say that although we can have bad days tomorrow we will hopefully feel better hope you’re ok too x

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