I am lost.

My wonderful husband died suddenly on Friday while out on a run. I feel completely lost without him. He was the funniest and kindest person I ever met.
I know they say that time is a great healer, but I feel that my life is over. All our retirement plans will never happen. One of my children (,he was stepdad) will be going to uni, the other won’t be far behind. I feel so alone.


Dear @TT73 I am so so sorry for the loss of your wonderful husband. such a shock to loose him so suddenly and without any warning. I know it is so hard, and your world has completely changed. Please know you are not alone here, I lost my husband in January very suddenly and I have found everyone on this site to be supportive and empathetic, and of such help. We all know how it is to lose someone close, so hope you can gain some strength from us all here. We are wanting to offer you support and friendship through our journey. Sending you a virtual hug xxx


Thank you Sandi, I know it’s early days, and I feel it will really help speak to people who have been through the same thing. Of course, I wish none of us had to go through this, and I am sorry for your loss x
I’m finding it hard to speak to the people who knew him as they are mourning too. I just want to scream at them, because it’s my future that has gone, not theirs. I don’t of course, because I know they are feeling the loss deeply too. I’m so furious with him too for leaving me like this, I love him and miss him so much. The sadness is like a tidal wave when it comes :cry:


Similar thing happened to me so i and so many others on here know what your going though. Im 5 months into this hell and feel angry, tho not with Bri, but the fact that im robbed of our future. You can scream on here if you want…it helps. Sending you love and support xx

Im so so sorry for your loss, i have no words, i lost my partner in nov suddenly he just dropped at work. The worst was run up 2 funeral its like a blur i couldnt grieve properly until afterwards. We will never get over it and never forget them. If u have great support around u u will get through it and us all on here. I found comfort when i got his ashes back strange i know, we have a bucket list he comes abroad on holiday with us aswell like he was still here. I also joined the gym so i go every day some days i work out and cry some days are better than others. On your crap days come on here cry shout scream cos we all do. It does get easier the crying i promise tho doesn’t seem it. Ppl on here told me the same 4 months ago and i didnt believe them. Sending much love always here :heart:


@TT73 and @Vivz I’m so sorry for your losses at such young ages and so suddenly. @Vivz I lost my wife about the same time you lost your dear husband and would say the same as your post. The physical pain gets less and the crying doesn’t go away but does ease. I noticed you two are from the same area. Love and support to you both. xx


Thank you @Skip I’m sorry for your loss.
Everyone else who knew Lee seems to be getting a little ‘better’ for want of another word. I still feel as desperate as I did.


Thanks @Vivz
I know it will take time, but I feel so lonely without him, even though I’ve hardly been by myself :cry:

Sending you love and hugs after your terrible loss. No matter what anyone says we can’t make it easier but we will be here for you. As @Vivz says, come on here and be your true self as there is no judging here. We all know, to our cost, how much harder the loss of husband / wife / partner is than any other loss.

It is almost 11 months since my very fit, slim, strong husband went out to play his weekly football and never came home. Yes, he was older than yours at 60 but still no warning so the shock of a policeman coming to the door to tell me was horrendous.
I am determined to make him proud of me and to look after everything which mattered to him the best I can. Life is far too busy because of that but I have no choice in a lot of it anyway.
I do smile and laugh now as well as cry. There are also days I don’t cry and I’m trying hard not to feel guilty when they happen.
There are many on here to support you through this so stick with us.
Karen xxx