I am new on here

Hi I have recently lost my partner to covid and pneumonia

From one Susie to another, welcome. Your post doesn’t give any details but when we loss someone we love the world falls apart and suspect that’s just how you feel. Everything upside down and in a total haze. Death is something that is always unexpected and we have no idea how to deal with our emotions or what we should do. Please keep posting and reading other people’s posts because you will find lots os support and many answers to those questions you have that family and friends don’t talk about. Your are in our thoughts and prayers. S xxx

Hi susie
I’m new on here too
I feel your pain and heart ache. I’m so heartbroken myself
Just like you. Xx Take care lovely x you will find the words and how to talk about your loss soon Xxx

Hi Suie 1976 Another newbie here, I am already finding this forum helpful just from my first few posts. What we are going through is terrible but it comforts me to know that other people are surviving it. We need to hang on in there and keep communicating. Big hugs xxxx

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