I can't see his face...

Ever since my darling husband passed away nearly 16 months ago, I can’t see his face in my mind’s eye. Does this make sense? I can picture him sitting on the sofa, reading newspaper but as I travel up towards his face it’s not there, nothing. The same thing happened after my mum died but it came a few weeks later. This time it’s lasting much longer. I can picture my husband when he was younger but not prior to his passing. I have to keep on looking at photographs. I wonder if any of you have experienced a similar thing. When I mentioned it to a local vicar he said he’d never heard of that happening before.

Hi,i lost my husband 9 months ago today and i feel like you i just cant picture his face even when i dream of him i just cant i find it very weird xx

Hello Michi. It is weird but thank you for telling me. I’ve spoken to others but nobody seems to have experienced this. I think it will come and some days when I really concentrate I think it’s almost there but then it isn’t. I feel sure there will be some psychological explanation for it. It’s kinda comforting to know I’m not alone in this. Much love xx

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I know what you mean, and thank you for sharing this ~ its so strange isn’t it? I have experienced it too. Trying so hard to see his smiling face, always smiling… One evening while lying in bed, feeling very sad, I really really concentrated with my eyes closed tightly, and it happened, I saw William’s beautiful face smiling down at me. It made me feel a calmness, it reassured me that he was still there and looking down on me. I felt I had made contact again.
Its a face you know so well ~ almost as well as you know your own face, so familiar, so special.
I feel sure it will happen to you when you least expect it. Take care, thinking of you. Love from Elaine x

Hello Elaine. I’m so pleased you’ve found your William’s face and that it’s brought you comfort. As I’ve said, it’s a help knowing that others have had the same experience. When I’ve dared to mention it to anyone, they really haven’t had a clue what to say - they just look at me as if I’ve lost the plot. So for someone to be able to relate to it, I find very helpful and a comfort. Thank you xx

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Hi Crazy Kate

I hope this helps. Only a couple of days ago in a phone conversation with my cousin who lost her husband two years ago, and my own dear husband died only six months ago, we were discussing how we individually were coping. Your comment that you cannot see your late husband’s face is similar to our feelings. I find I dream that I am with my husband, where I’m asking his opinion on something, just as I would have done in the past, but in the dream he does not give me an answer, and I am puzzling as to why
he hasn’t answered, only to wake up to the realisation that he couldn’t give me an answer as he is not here. This, unfortunately, leads to a few tears. However,
my cousin relates that as two years have past since she became widowed, sometimes she cannot remember her husband’s face, and like you, finds herself looking at photographs. However, she feels she has become more “whole” now, since the sadness of her husband passing and that this an indication of her new state. Don’t know whether these words will be comforting at all. However, I am sure that our beloved husbands would want us to become “whole” again. Trying to help. love and best wishes. Deidre

Morning Deidre, I think its very comforting and helpful to know that your cousin is beginning to feel so much better. It gives me hope that things will improve with time.
Thank you for posting this, sending you very best wishes and love Elaine x

You are kind Deirdre, thanks for trying to help. I think the image of my husband’s face will come back to me in time. I’m truly pleased you’re friend is finding her way. It must be a comfort to you both having each other. What a comfort and support this site is. Thanks again. Much love x