I don't know how to cope without my mom I miss her so much

I’m feeling depressed and been told I have anxiety can’t stop crying can’t sleep properly .I feel quilt sometimes .my mom passed away at the end of October it was unexpected we thought she was unwell from a jab she got evey year.and every year she got bad after it her doctor new this and did not check up on my mom for this and other conditions she had as he should of . On top of that I feel so bad that if I done something the last day i seen her at her house she would still be here I asked if I should phone someone instead of just picking up a phone and doing it . Now my whole family are suffering we all miss her so much my mom was my best friend to .

Hi Sam so sorry you lost your mom,i lost mine a long time ago,nearly 20 years ago ,and my dad before that,my dad passed after a jab he had ,he got really poorly after it,again like your mom had other health conditions,i still miss them in my life,and i still talk to them every day,this year i lost my husband ,so i understand the anxiety,i have struggled with it for years,some days better than others,your mom will not want you to feel any guilt,attached to her passing,we all go back on if we did this or that,some things cannot be changed,its early days for your grief Sam,let the tears out.I have had good support from my daughters this last 9 months,grieving as a family helps,you will find your way through,we all know how hard it all is on this site,Take care x

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I’m sorry for your losses people your so close to .I have two children and siblings and other family .but with some family members I feel if I keep crying or saying how I feel I might affect the way they are trying to cope.i can hold it all in sometimes .when I can’t whoever is around my kids or siblings will hug me and i do the same with them if they are sad or just becouse we should hug more . but I have not told anyone everything I’m feeling .I have been waiting to get counseling I don’t know if it will be any help by the time someone gets intoch. I know that will forever miss my mom . Thank you for your reply and you take care to x

Hi Sam, sorry for your loss hun I loss my sudden in January this year it is very heard with out her everyday. thought are with you and your family . Send you hugs hun x

I’m sorry for your loss of your mom to .are best friend moms are I miss her so much I cry every day and just keep getting through day to day is another sad and hard day .hugs to you to x

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