I don't know why I'm so upset

Today I decided to do a minor rearrangement of furniture. I have two seats and a sofa and all I’ve done is swap them around. When Martin was here we’d change them round every few months. So why am I in floods of tears? It’s been nearly 14 months since he died andeven the most minor changes feel like a betrayal.


I am in floods of tears de icing a freezer. Who knows what sets us off? Coming up to 4 months for me.


@Stillhiswife about 3 months after my husband passed I got some new bedroom furniture. It was long overdue but we’d had other things to deal with. I felt so guilty, like I was trying to eradicate him from the bedroom. He wouldn’t have cared about the furniture. But it’s strange how our minds work.


My wife liked religious stuff. Stuff on the walls like ‘god bless this house’ plates, religious ornaments, and I hated them. I haven’t moved them though. They are a nice reminder and I don’t want it to seem like her stuff didn’t matter. Strange as it may seem, they help.


@Stillhiswife i don’t think it’s betrayal I think it’s what he would want you to live your life as you are doing . I am changing a lot because I need to make my life easier.


Sorry to hear