I feel completely lost

I feel completely lost…I don’t understand where any of these emotions have come from…I lost Dad very suddenly in January and really thought I was through the worst of it…but the last few days have hit me hard…I feel completely lost and alone…I don’t like talking about it to friends and family as I know they have their own stuff going on but I just don’t know what to do anymore!
I’ve gone back to struggling to sleep, having no energy and not wanting to do anything…please give me some advice on what to do to get me out of this slump…

I’m sorry bout ur dad iv lost mine 3 year bk but was not a loud to say gd buy or have closer n still find it hard iv bin told to talk n ask for help but I’m here to talk n help u as its still fresh n new for u just ask n ill try to help u

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I am so sorry for your loss also. It must have been hard to not be able to say goodbye or have closure.

In some ways I had the same…I got the phone call at 8am to say he was unconscious in hospital, I drove an hour and half home from work to collect some clothes, flew to Ireland, got to the hospital at 6pm and we turned the machines off at 11pm, he died at 11:20pm. Although we were there to hold his hand and be with him when he died, the fact it was so sudden and we didn’t get to speak to him or he didn’t speak to us makes it so hard.
I just don’t know anymore…I am struggling more than ever but don’t know what to do about it!

U just need to talk open up sxreme if u have to iv not stopped with the self harm buy its too much now were I end up in hospital so I’m here n have an ear if u do it’s never gunner go away this pain I feel its a gapping black horse of sadness n darkness x