I feel silly, still really hurts a lot .

Hi all , feel like I am going mad was getting the last christmas box’s in , sat rapping them last night and I got one left. I only got my mum one and sat there crying . Still really hurts x

Dear Trigger, Nothing “silly” about it. You are not going “mad,” you are grieving. Our emotions are set off so easily now, This is such a hard time of year and anything at all can bring on the tears. I attended a lovely holiday gathering with my late sister’s (she died in May) best friend and some of her colleagues. We all exchanged gifts that were chosen to symbolize my sister.
What was supposed to be a comforting time, brought me to tears, I was choking back my emotions, and broke down when I got home. Last year my beloved sister was with us in that very room, and I kept seeing her sitting there, looking well and laughing and spreading her joy to us all. How quickly things change. Be gentle with yourself, and allow yourself the emotions and tears. And yes they will surface at the least expected time. You are hurting, and the wound will be raw for a very long time, I can relate. Take care of yourself. Xxx Sister2

Thank you sister 2 big hug x

Bigger Hug back to you, dear Trigger. I know how much it hurts to lose the one we loved the most in life. x