I feel so lost

My Andy died a month ago, when I’m told to think about the good times, I want to scream at them. Thinking about all the good times that have gone, never to be repeated ever again. That kills me. Tears me apart. I wish I was dead. I have no life without him. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, that’s why I’m here. Big Hugs To All Of You :heart:

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I understand- and people on here will do. People who have not been through this pain will not. Sending hugs

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Five months for me I still wake up feeling like my heart has been ripped out, its a dark and hard path we are on and I cannot make any sense of it no words can be put together to discribe the feeling of loss.All I can and we can is one day at a time for as long as it is possable.

Thanks for the hugs. I’m so glad that I found this website. I see myself in so many of the comments. The sharing is just what I need.

Sorry for your loss Ron. It is a dark and lonely path we’re on. Trying to make sense of this new world we find our selves in, the land of the bereaved is black hole no one would choose to be in. As you said Ron one day at at a time. Sending you hugs :heart:

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I lost my mum on 4th February, she was my world. I wish I died with her. Life is just so unbearable without her. I have no purpose to live. Like you I want to scream when people say that to me about think of the good times we had, but it is tearing me apart as those good times will never be repeated. People don’t understand. I can’t cope with the everyday life ahead.
We’re here for each other.

I know, there doesn’t seem to be any point in life any more. The isolation you feel, the endless loneliness. A void that nothing and no one can fill. Even though I know that as time passes, and I go back out into world this nightmare should ease a little. Every second is unbearable right now. Sending you hugs :heart:

Always makes me angry when people say remember the good times. Isn’t it the appalling loss of them that makes us want to scream.? It is over 2 years since Ron died and remembering the beautiful memories just makes me worse. I don’t memories. I want HIM.


Absolutely! You got that right.

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Thankyou, everything you say is just so right. Life is unbearable and I can’t see a way that it is going to get any easier. I’m so lost without my lovely mum here with me. Understand how you feel, hugs to you.


Thanks Ann R.
People just don’t understand how it hurts when they say ‘But you have your memories.’ Yeh if you had a life in prison you would still have your memories but it wouldn’t make you feel any better.