I feel so torn

Mum passed last May, she was my best friend and I miss her more than words can express.

My Dad was heartbroken and so very lost and alone (although I had moved in with him to help him care for mum, so she didn’t have to go into a hospice). I am still living with my father and now find myself in a new situation, that I am struggling to understand.

My Dad has started “courting” a lady he works with. They go out most weekends and a few nights during the week.

Just typing the above sentence had my belly doing cartwheels. I feel such venom toward someone I have never met. On the other hand I am so happy that my Dad has got someone to brighten up his day. He has started making an effort in his appearance and doesn’t seem as sad and lost as he has been.

I feel so torn, there is such a conflict of emotions. I understand this is quite normal but I really don’t know how to tackle it.

Any thoughts or pearls of wisdom gratefully received.

Hopefully Yours

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I felt the same as you after my dad died my mum met an old friend and started going out twice a week with him. I hated it to start with and my husband never excepted him. But she said it was just company and friendship nothing more and she needed someone to talk to different from us. Well now I understand my husband died in August and I’m on my own now I would love to have someone just for company now and again nothing more I couldn’t remarry or live with someone it’s just human company I need. My mum still sees her companion twice a week and I’m excepted it all now . So all I can say is think about your dad and his needs . Take care xx

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