I forgot she died

It’s been 4 weeks today my wife died. Yesterday I had a not too bad day; only crying a few times as opposed to almost constantly. Then at bed time I walked upstairs and for a brief moment I forgot she was dead. I thought she was away for a few nights with a friend, and I decided I’d send her a quick message to tell her I love her, miss her, and find out how she was doing. Then it hit me like a sledge hammer to the chest that she was dead and I will never get the chance to speak with her ever again.

This roller coaster of grief is going to break me. :cry:


Hi @Flotsom same thing here, i just thought he was on holiday for a long time, in the early days. It really is a shit rollercoaster, but with the help of this forum im having fewer bad days.
Much love


@Flotsom the rollercoaster of grief is hard but keep holding on. You’ve made it this far it’s such early days for you. I’m 21 weeks in and things are getting better.

My partner died at work. For ages I couldn’t get past the fact that he wasn’t still at work. Grief plays nasty tricks on us. But we will win in the end


@Flotsom I am so sorry for your loss. Our grief does play cruel tricks. Even after 22 weeks I still look at his picture and tell him to come home now he has been gone long enough. For me I do have better days now, and that awful raw feeling of grief is less all consuming, Everyone said small steps and don’t look too far ahead, which has helped me. I hope the same for you. As @Doughtyj says, grief will not win. xxx


I almost did the same thing on the 8th-11th june at our twice yearly fundraiser .went to text and ring my gorgeous fantastic wife sue and then it hit me she wasn’t here anymore. But i made a promise to carry on being the person she made me into and I intend to not break the promise. Try to stay positive and strong my friend. This is more of a family than a forum