I have been very ill in hospital

One week ago, I became very ill with a virus and gastroenteritis. I was taken to our local hospital, where I was placed on a plank (it felt like it) a trolley actually and there I reclined for ELEVEN HOURS. without pain relief or a drink or anything. I felt so sorry for the staff, they were working under very difficult circumstances, there were no beds available. Eventually, I was diagnosed and I was put into isolation, once I was receiving attention, nothing was too much trouble for any of them. I am about to go to bed now, I hope to be back properly within a few days, it may be longer. All the best for 2020.

Ah Mary wishing you better. Do you have people looking after you?

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MaryL. wishing you a swift recovery. x

So sorry you have been so ill but hope you get better soon…Take care…With love Marina xxx

Sending love Mary. Take it easy girlie. Xx

Poor you mary

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Cheryl x

… so sorry to read of your hospital stay situation…my heart goes out to you…sending my wishes for your recovery and home coming…
…Sending you a gentle (( hug )))


hi MaryL so sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly.hope your on the mend and feel loads better

Thank you for all your good wishes, my friends.

Hello again, Ian,
I am still rather weak and shakey, I have cried more for my Stan, whilst I have been in hospital than I have before. The nursing staff were wonderful, understanding and compassionate, the doctors were too, I don’t know about you, Ian, but when people are kind to me it makes me cry all the more. I stood at the window gazing out and I remembered the times we had returned home after visiting relatives, only 5 minutes away from home. It breaks my heart when I read the posts on this forum, I do feel for all of you. My grandma had a very wise saying, it will not always be dark at seven.
Take care of yourself,

hi MaryL
hopefully you will feel a bit better tomorrow.its nice that the nurses treated you well.
and the doctors too.and I know what you mean ,like when ive advised people ask their gps for help.ive been rather fortunate that each of the 6 plus different doctor ive seen in the last 6 months have had time to listen and showed real concern for what I was going through having lost my baby Jayne ,as you can expect I shed a few tears at the understanding and care that they showed me.so im not surprised you wept a little.ive been having a few message conversations with Pat,she advised me try eat healthily.well I got myself a lettuce tomatoes a pack of lean ham and did myself a salad ,as I started eating I drifted back to many moons ago when I would go play snooker at the club at the bottom of our road about 9pm I would be back around 11pm and Jayne would of made me a salad wrapped it up with cling film and placed it in the fridge for me.i shed a few tears whilst remembering how much I miss and love Jayne.so I can totally relate to you shedding a few tears when you think of nice times with your Stan.
take care
regards ian

… i can understand the crying more, this is the time you are crying out for your hubby Stan, the time that you need him here with you the most, when you are laid up inside a hospital ward…he - Stan IS there with you in spirit and giving you the strength to get better…


Oh Mary my love I am so sorry to read that you have not been well and found yourself in hospital. Terrible at this time when trying to cope with grief as well, how we want our loved ones with us. I also suddenly found myself in hospital just a few months after losing Brian. I had never been ill let alone in hospital and as I lay on a bed behind a screen I curled up in a ball and sobbed my heart out, not for myself but just wanting Brian with me. It was the worst night of my life and when I had an op a few weeks later a nurse sat with me most of the time as I think they could see my distress. I was also allowed to wear the locket that had a few of his ashes in and a photo just to have him near.
I do hope you are feeling better and do keep us up to date with your progress, we all care about you so much
Love to you
Pat xxx.

Ian, just to let you know that I am trying to reply to your private message but can’t get one to go, tried three times, Try again tomorrow, not sure where the fault lies.

hi Pat,just been out on my daily walk looked at messages and found 2 short ones and the last proper one lol.just going do myself a bit of tea then will settle down to read it
the messaging system on this site needs sorting grrrrr

damn now I cant find it grrr going pull my hair out now lol

Agree Ian the messaging is not very safe. I lost my message to you three times and was going potty. I switched off before I threw the laptop out of the window. I came back on and tried again and lo there was one of my unsent messages to you so I tried to send it but it wouldn’t go. So will try again tomorrow.
Pleased to see you have started your healthy eating and exercise regime. Keep it up, no takeaways on the way home that’s cheating…
Pat xxx

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