I have just joined

I lost my husband after been married 38 yrs.
There was no warning had a massive heart attack whilst we were on holiday
I can’t explain how feel l just miss him so much and feel very alone


Hi @Jeanine1, my heart goes out to you. I lost my darling husband the same way, it really is a shock so hard to overcome, so sudden, so unexpected, so prematurely, I thought we’d grow old together. That wasn’t to be.
You’ve come to the right place here, we all understand you as we’re all going through the same pain of losing our soulmates, it does help writing down your feelings, sharing with others who relate to you.
Take care, sending you strength and comfort.


I lost my husband suddenly. He went out for his evening run, collapsed and died. I get the shock, the suddenness of your world being ripped apart, your whole future gone in the blink of an eye. There is no ‘getting over it’ just getting through each day. You have come to the right place - people here understand. Take care and be kind to yourself. Keep posting here when you need to.


Hi, I am sorry for your loss , and the way it happened too, can understand the shock it caused you.
I was just thinking that the word “shock” as an adjective or a ver, o whatever grammatical term we may use, should be a momentarily emotion, something which eventually goes away, but the shock of just seeing yoy life partner disappearing in front of eyes, is definitely not a temporary state. I relive this every single second of the day, grief has trillions of emotions that we are all going through but the trauma of an unexpected tragic loss like this that just turns your life upside down, when a couple of hours earlier we had all four of us been having our Sunday lunch together, well, I don’t want to ‘rub the knife in the wound’, as they say, but it just gets worse for me too.
Sending hugs to you all, I’m sorry I can’t be a comfort at the moment, I know you will understand, that’s why I can pour my heart out here, I have to do it somewhere, otherwise I’ll go completely crazy, no one else can understand us.

Jeanine I so sorry for your loss .

The sudden loss will have you in shock at first , you will think you are coping the wham it will hit you like a hurricane and believe me it’s difficult to stop the force of it .

This forum you can tell us anything, we are all here for you because the journey will be tough I’m not gonna lie . Get your feelings out when you are ready to ok.

Hugs x