I have no-one to talk to

I just found out about my loss last night and I feel all alone with none to talk to. He lived in England and I’m in Ireland so his family are all together supporting each other which is so good but I’m here trying to cope with my loss all alone. We were only together for a year but we spoke every day and I don’t know what to do without him

hi Diane,
sorry you lived apart and relied on the phone to be able connect each day.just hope youve found help .regards Ian

Hi Diane I lost the love of my life when he went to Australia to visit his family and died over there so I guess i know a bit of what you’re going through. I had to search newspapers to find out the funeral date as they organised everything. He is just home although he died on 20 April. I scream most days as basically he went on holiday and never came back. I don’t know that I can help much as the pain is unbearable but I can guarantee help on here as we are all suffering this hell. There is also online bereavement counselling available and I get that and its a good outlet. Everyone does different things to help like walking etc but I do an exercise class and the company does stop the thinking for short times. Can you go and be with his family? Keep writing your feelings it helps . I hope someone keeps in touch with you from his family. So sorry you are feeling so low. K xx