I have to keep busy or the pain is too great

Lost other half to brain tumours , he wasn’t in pain until the end which was mercifully short but we lost him bit by bit , day by day over 9 weeks !
That I struggle with every day .
I busy myself all day every day , keep my brain active , it’s so exhausting ,


Hi Catmac, I also ost my husband to Glioblastoma. He was only 44 and he also went downhill in a matter of weeks. It is heartbreaking to watch. He lost some of his sight and movement on his left hand side. I try and keep busy but it can be really hard sometimes. I think about him constantly and wish I could have done more but there is so little help out there. Hope you are ok and sending love. Xx


Billie7 , thank you
I’m sorry to hear you’ve been through the same and so young too .
Hubby came home with loss of his right side and needing carers at least 3 times a day .
I think it broken us both in the end , he didn’t want to burden us and I didn’t want him to suffer that way .
The feeling of sadness right now weighs so heavily but I can’t let others see it so they aren’t burdened by it too .
The emptiness is the house is terrible , half of me left with him that day
I hope in the future we can both find peace , I just can’t see it yet .
Take care xx


I lost my daughter 7 weeks ago to glioma,
it was caused by radiotherapy given to her to treat leukaemia. She was 21.
He illness was long, drawn out and painful. She died almost a year after diagnosis.
I am in so much pain and so very angry and bitter.
The treatment for glioma brain tumours is basically zero, I felt we were cast adrift with no support.
My other daughter and I nursed and cared for her with the district nurses administering her medication through the drivers at the end.
It was inhumane.


I’m so sorry , your daughter was so young too, heartbreaking .
It’s a terrible disease , my heart goes out to you both xx