I Heard Her Voice

My Wife Died Suddenly 8 Weeks ago
I was in Bed early one Morning Couple of Days ago and I heard my Wife’s Voice calling my name. At the time I was sure I was awake and not Dreaming, but now I am not so sure. I must have been snoozing but whatever it was very unnerving at the time. It still unnerves me

Hi Colin,
So very sorry about your wife. You are probably in shock still.
I am on this forum after the sudden loss of my dad - healthy fun dad passed in his sleep. I am 15 months forward. The shock and terrified feelings eases.

I am responding because I have had the voice / calling my name also. I do think that it is real.

When my maternal g-mother passed, she called out my name for about a week after. I was awake. One time during that week, I was with a work colleague who heard her calling my name, as did I. He and I both got nervous and ran back to the office.

With my dad, I heard him just once. I was also awake. I found his voice to be comforting. Unfortunately, It was followed by a chaotic chorus of other people also calling my name. I found that frightening. And I shut down my mind.

Please be comforted that she is reaching out to let you know that she is safe.



Hi.Colin. Why unnerved? It’s a Blessing. I have explained before about the hypnogogic state where we are in between sleep and wakefulness. It’s when we are most liable to experience phenomena because our conscious mind is in abeyance. As soon as we are fully awake we begin to fear or doubt and those two things can stop any manifestations,
Try not to fear any such experience. Contact can be made in so many different ways.
Best wishes. John.

Hi Colin
I have heard my husband call out to me also. I was reading in bed and it was clearly his voice and the way he would have called to me. I even answered him and jumped out of bed and stood at the top of the stairs expecting to see him. Any contact brings me immense pleasure I am certainly never unnerved.

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