I Hope this helps. It helped me a lot.

Hello All.
Before my darling wife Anne of 50yrs. passed on the the 12th July this year I had already been watching this YouTube video. It’s given me comfort ever since.
‘Famous Cardiac Surgeon’s Storys of Near Death Experiences in Surgery.’
A lovely down to Earth man with a positive jolly personality.
Love and Light

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Thanks Geoff - This was a good video to hear, and I too, liked the doctor. I thought that I was a spiritual person (not Christian) but I am certainly questioning so much right now. I do believe that there is something after our body dies - but if not, it won’t matter. I don’t know where he’s gone, or if he really went anywhere, and that maybe it really doesn’t matter…it is what it is. I’ve had no signs, no dreams. I’ve been very cautious, almost afraid, of deluding myself or just clinging to straws. There is a part of me that is still waiting,watching and even hoping…

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Is this the same book i am now reading by Dr Chauncey Crandall " Touching Heaven…" he is a cardiologist…

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