I just can’t seem to function anymore

Not sure what I need or even want but lost my mum suddenly on Dec 8th and it was just her and me for years and shared a house…now I’m in the house all on my own with her cat and I dread coming home from work yet don’t want to stay in on my own.
I put a face on because no one wants to keep hearing I’m struggling and am constantly exhausted.
The calls and texts from distant family and friends have all but stopped and I am struggling to find a reason to go on tbh. Not that I would do anything but just so sad feeling all the time.
Anyone any tips…have tried focusing on one day at a time but I am so anxious all the time about everything x


Hi Suzanne sorry to hear about your mum it’s still so recent for you, I lost my mum in July this year and I’m still struggling with my emotions, yes your so right that the calls and texts do start to fade after a while, I’m lucky to have 2 daughters one that still lives at home and have been amazing but they can’t fill that void of losing your mum, I know they have struggled with their own feelings because they have lost their gran who they loved so much, I went through every emotion and am still struggling with the guilt of her not being here :pensive: I’m half way through counselling sessions with cruse which I feel is helping to just be able to speak to someone outside the family unit, maybe it’s something for you to consider? I too have had and still do have really down days, but I just take one day at a time ,still now, this site is really good to know your not alone with your thoughts and feelings it’s such a rollercoaster ride of emotions, keep messaging on here I’m always around for a chat if you need too, take care
Lynn xx


Hi Suzanne
I lost Mum on 9 Dec and I too lived with her, as does my other sibling but he’s always out. I wish I could help you. Today Ive cried on the phone to the lady at the Bank, at the council tax person and when I go to the supermarket I’ll probably do the same again. Today has been very very hard. I just had to acknowledge your post with kindness and empathy as an alternative to advice. Take care Suzanne


Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your lovely reply, much appreciated and sorry to hear of your loss.

I’m on a waiting list for counselling at a local centre to me but as you can imagine the wait is long.

I thought I was doing so well lately but as soon as I come home it’s like the mask drops and I just cry. I know that may sound a bit self indulgent but just how long feel.

I am glad you have your daughters but seeing how sad my goddaughter is at losing her granny (my mum was the only granny her and her sister knew and always called her granny) I totally feel for their loss too.

Thank you again for your kind words and will maybe see if I can find someone else professional to talk to.

Suzanne x

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Hi Tina,

I appreciate your empathy and kind words and ironically I’ve also had to deal with her bank and council tax today too so it sounds like our day has been very similar.

Glad to have found (if glad is the word) people who genuinely understand and I wish you and everyone else who has lost a loved one some form of peace even for a second

Take care,



I feel your pain,this is me right now,I have 2 cats but their conversation isn’t great!!My friend is supportive and some family.I thank you for your words today,they have really helped,Amanda x

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