I just heard...

I just listened to Pres. Biden (USA) speak at a ceremony to honor those who have perished from covid. His compassion & understanding moved me to tears. His words apply to all, worldwide & when he says USA, it is very easy to hear your own country’s name (Canada for me). My husband died in June 2019, before covid, but I still felt comforted by this man’s beautiful words.

I read many posts on here over the last year. I have come to realize how much of an extra burden has been laid on grieving souls, and how much more sadness covid has and is causing. It is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you all, and I wish you peace…if only for moment… and please know, those moments will become longer…

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Hi Heather_Diane,

My husband died last year in September, not of COVID, but COVID I am sure affected the way he died.

Hospital staff were exhausted and terrified then of a second wave, which we knew was coming. It’s now here and fading, but we’re still in lockdown, which affects everyone and everything.

We are all suffering.

I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful words. We all need peace and yes, I am learning that these moments of piece do become longer.

Christie xxx

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