I know, but

I wonder if anybody else is like me. It’s not that I’m in denial about Peter’s death. I know it happened but I still can’t believe it. I know one day I will die and the pain will stop, but I can’t believe that either. I envy people who have faith that they will see their loved one again, but I don’t have that consolation, it’s just a matter of getting through each day for me.

Hello Marilyn. I wish I could give you advice that could take your pain away, I too lost my partner 11 months ago, some days are better than others each morning I have a black cloud over me, but I get up and face my day, it is not easy… do try and talk your feelings with anyone it does help… keep strong xx

Hi Marilyn, I feel for you as I’m walking the same path. It’s nearly 5 months for me and even tho she died in front of my eyes, everyday I question if it’s really happened. How has my life after 36 years ended up like this? I’m struggling with everyday, I cat cope with not being us we, part of a couple. I hate every second of this life and the thought of maybe years like this is too much to bear. Sending you hugs Jac x

Hi Marilyn, I’m so sorry for your loss of Peter. I think the I can’t believe it scenario is quite normal for anyone who has lost a loved one. I lost my husband who I had been with since I was 16 (54 now) 3yrs 2mths ago and still I can’t believe it happened to us!.. the pain (which to me is worse than any physical pain) of losing him is there everyday I wake up that never goes away. The thoughts of never growing old with him is still raw.
I guess I can only say I am still here 3yrs on so some how I have learnt to live with the pain. As human beings we are a very resilient bunch to survive these dreadful events that happen in our lives. I hope I can pass on a little comfort to you!.. Getting through one day at a time is all we have but its a start.
My very best wishes.