I lost my brother yesterday

My 41 year old brother passed away yesterday. He’d fought so hard, but cancer won.
I’m devastated that he’s gone. How is it possible that he’s gone?
How will my parents ever get over loosing their first born? And his wife? And his young children?
I know life has to go on but it’s so unfair, he’s going to miss so much.
I was never ever going to be ready to let him go and even until the day before I was searching for a miracle cure.
I miss you bro,
Love you forever xx

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Hello Daisylady,
I lost my brother in November last year and since, each day has been a struggle. I agree it is so painful and unfair and I have been feeling so sad since the loss, I have had to see my GP for some support. My family have been amazing and very supportive, but it is so hard. I have felt so low with all the sadness, he too was a real fighter, he was only in his mid fifties and had a passion for life, he had so much life to live, it’s all been so cruel. He fought cancer all the way, had got so far in his treatment and was in remission, but then it came back. Its heartbreaking. I send you a big hug and hope you can stay strong. Keep talking, I find this can help with managing grief.

Hello diasylady,
I lost my sister 5 weeks ago and feel worse now than I did the first week.
My energy is zapped and my interest in anything is nil.
I know we will all get through this but it is important to reach out for help.
Asking for help is not a weakness it’s a sign of strength,
Sending you love x

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