I lost my dad and my baby around the same time


My dad was killed in March and then I had a miscarriage 3 weeks later. I’d just turned 27 and my dad was barely in his 40s and this was my first baby. It hadn’t crossed my mind that he and my child wouldn’t be with me right now. I’m really struggling, so I’m just looking for some support.

Are there any charity organizations that offer bereavement services like counseling? Or any support groups just to talk to others in my situation? I just moved to the UK and I can’t seem to find much about it.

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Hello @zenokimmy, thank you for bravely sharing your experiences with us. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad and your baby - that is devastating.

You’ve asked about counselling so I wanted to let you know that Sue Ryder offer free online counselling which is held via video chat. You can find out more about it here: https://www.sueryder.org/online-bereavement-counselling

If you would prefer face-to-face counselling, Cruse Bereavement operate in Manchester - you can contact them here.

The Greater Manchester Bereavement Service may be able to help you in finding local groups.

Our community is also here to support you, so please do keep reaching out. You are not alone.

Take care


Thank you for your response! However, I’m located in Blackburn. Sorry for the confusion. I’ve just gone and changed my location. Are there any resources for my area?

Hi @zenokimmy, no problem at all, thank you for letting me know. Sue Ryder counselling is available to you no matter where you are based.

The AtALoss website lists local support here - it’s listed by county so if you select Lancashire you can see what’s available in your area.

The Miscarriage Association also offers support to women who have lost a baby. They have lots of different options - including a helpline, online community and live chat - so you can choose what would work best for you.

I hope you’ll consider exploring some of these options, and that you can find the support you need. We are all here for you too.

Take care