I lost my dad in march

Hi am Carrie I lost my dad in march and I am struggling a bit with my emotions this is the first time I have ever tried bereavement service

Hi Carrie, welcome to the community, we are here to support you, it’s always difficult losing a parent and during these strange times it is even worse, all you want is a hug and it’s not allowed , all the feelings you are having are completely normal, everybody grieves differently, which is fine, just take a day at a time and in time it will get easier, sending you love and hugs, Jude xx

Thank you jude

Hi. Carrie. Welcome and you have come to the right place.
All friends on here and understanding ones. You are far from alone. Now don’t ever be afraid or embarrassed to unload on here. There will never be any judgement or criticism. Never! It takes a lot of courage to come on sites such as this because we never know what we may find. March is still very early days, and the pain can seem endless. The word ‘struggle’ comes up time and again. Try not to struggle or fight your feelings and emotions. They will come so let them. It’s good to get feelings out. Accept it and go with it. Now in no way am I minimising your awful feelings. But after twenty months I have learned to accept. It’s by no means easy. That distant light is so elusive, but it does get brighter, honest it does. Bless you and look after yourself. John.

Thank you johnathan

Hi Carrie,
I lost my Dad towards the end of March. I’m finding it really difficult, I think of him everyday and cry for him always. Please feel free to message me if you want to talk.

Hi Carrie and Khats,
I am sorry about the passing of both of your dads. I know that you are in gut wrenching pain and your stress level is off the charts right now.
My dad passed suddenly also. Fit, normal, healthy guy, leading his usual life. He died in his sleep watching a show on TV. My mom found him in the morning. Its been 14 months.
Grief is painful and terrifying. It feels like you are jumping off of a cliff over and over again. You run on one emotion at all times - grief. The world feels dull.
Those feelings eventually pass. It takes many months for your mind to come to terms with the hole that is now there.
For me, I joined this forum 6 months in. I was still in a daze at that point. It has helped me enormously.
Overtime, I have accepted that we are machines that do not last. We never consider that about ourselves. Once I came to terms with that and my own mortality one day (hopefully 50+ yrs from now), it became easier to understand the suddenness of losing my dad.
At some point down the line, I tried to train myself to live the life that I still have in front of me. It took a while of coaching myself like that to get out from under the grief.
We have people who count on us. We have many years ahead of us.
Our dads also lost parents, yet they forged onward as wonderful human beings
We can do it too.
Please write back if you have any questions.

Hi Carrie - I also lost my Dad in March and am sure I’m feeling very similar to you. I’ve never used a bereavement service either. If you’d like to chat about how you’re feeling or just about anything at all, drop me a message x