I lost my dear mum

On 16th July this year I lost my dear mum .
Was unexpected and I am devastated .
I’m trying to get on with my normal life but everything seems so pointless and sad …

I am so very sorry to hear that you lost your dear mum in July, Shaz’Gwen. It’s understandable that you’re devastated, particularly as you mention it was unexpected.

You’re not alone here and there are many others in this community who have experienced a similar loss. I’m sure you’ll get some supportive replies very soon, but in the meantime you may find it helpful to have a read of this article in our advice section: https://www.sueryder.org/how-we-can-help/someone-close-to-me-has-died/advice-and-support/how-can-i-cope-with-bereavement

Take care of yourself and let me know if I can support you in any way.

With best wishes,

Hello Shaz’Gwen

I am so sorry to read your post about your Mum. It is horrible when someone passes away unexpectedly and very difficult to bear. It is good that you are trying to get back into the swing of your normal life but you must also take time for yourself to reflect and grieve.

Taking a bit of time for yourself every day however small is good. Even ten minutes with a cup of coffee or tea just letting your mind wander in whichever direction it wants. Hopefully remembering happy times with your Mum, memories are so wonderful and help get through the grimmer days.

Also if you don’t want to or feel like doing something saying no to people. You are the number one at the moment and should do only what you want to and feel comfortable with.

Take each day as it comes, some will be better than others. On the horrible days break them down into hours and mentally tick each one off as it passes. Hopefully the better ones will gradually outnumber the worst ones.

Keep coming back here if it all feels too miserable. People are kind here and no one judges. There are often people online in the middle of night even and willing to message.

All the best

Evening Shaz’Gwen

I’m sorry for your loss … and it is so difficult to do normal following such a devastating blow …

My mum passed six months ago and even now I find some days are so much harder than others … and yes, just so sad

I am new to this forum but it helps knowing that others in this community understand - I hope you find some comfort to

Take care x

Dear Shaz’Gwen

This is one of the most difficult things people experience in life.
Losing your Mum.
People can give lots of advice but sometimes you find out
what works best for you.
When people share their experience of loss and losing a parent
it can sometimes help.
My Mum passed away over 2 years ago but I keep her alive
by talking to her photographs which are around the house.
I imagine Mum to be present in places where I would have seen her
in the past.

I’m going to look into getting group therapy because life
has been difficult since Mum passed.
I’m still searching for answers.

I hope my comments can help you in some way.

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