I lost my father in June2022

I lost my father unexpectedly in June 2022 due to medical negligence. I am currently struggling and finding relationships with other family members and friends very difficult.


I understand what you mean. I lost my dad on the 15th October and we’ve had some family around this afternoon and I was ok to begin with but as time went on, I found it more difficult and am now utterly exhausted"

Oh I am so sorry. I lost my father due to a simple hospital oversight in 2014. It is so hard to come to terms with. Very complicated. I think the best way is to think of their peace, now, and to try to forgive the hospital. But its far from easy, because we want them back, basically.

Hope use don’t mind me joing your conversations. I’m new here.
I lost my Dad in January a day before my birthday. I’m so heart broken. It was so sudden. He got Covid but his oxygen wasn’t staying up. He did start to get to get better.enough for my mum to be confident to go home. She left at 10.30pm and he died at 12 midnight. No idea why :persevere: x
So sorry for your loses too.its just a different world we live in now x

I’m so sorry to read of your loss, makingitthrough.
May your dear father rest in peace. What a shock for your poor mum as well. Know that you are never alone. Tell us about your special Dad if you’d like to…your memories of being with him, what he liked to do…

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Hi there. Sorry to jump in here. We lost dad very recently to pneumonia although there’s a chance he may have actually developed pneumonia from Covid.

He actually died very shortly after myself, sister and mother left and was there with my brother when it happened. We wondered if he didn’t want us to see him die so waited until we’d gone briefly. Maybe your dad did the same. X

I have also just lost my dad and feel angry that the hospital didn’t do what they should have done. I had to fight to get him treated properly because he needed doctors from a different ward to help him but every day, they never arrived as they were ‘busy’ with their own ward. He spent 6 weeks in hospital and then died of pneumonia.