I lost my husband in November

I lost my husband to Bladder Cancer after a very short battle and am struggling to cope on my own

@Cal I’m sorry you lost your husband.
Hopefully you will be able to find some solace from the messages on here.
Did you want to tell us about your husband?

Hello Cal so sorry yo hear about your husband. It is so very hard to try and carry on without them. I just take a day or hour at a time and it is OK to feel sad. This lockdown makes things seem worse being on your own. Take care and keep posting and reading the messages on the site. It always helps to know you srdnit alone. Xx

Hello, no words or advice can change the horrible feeling inside that I need to erase, things won’t change unless they come back, which they can’t, what can we do, unfortunately so many people are experiencing the same horrible gut wrenching feeling that I do, this makes me realise I am not alone, someone the other side of the world knows exactly how I feel, it is a small comfort to know I’m not going mad and it’s a new kind of normal for me as I grieve my loved one, I will try to build a life around this feeling, doing the best I can, some days I will be positive, other days I don’t want to get out of bed. I am a different person now. I have to get to know the new me also. These are just my thoughts from the heart as I grieve my dearly missed loved one.

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