I lost my Husband

Losing my husband it just gone 4 weeks a and coping is not been easy It really hit me hard and I have lashed out… we also have twins girls 19month old.

Any going through the same thing and can help me…

Hello Tracy
I am so very sorry to hear that you have lost your husband so recently. Everyone on here understands how grief takes us over and can make us almost mad sometimes. There are many different threads on this site and if you are able to look through them you may well come across someone else who has also been left on their own with small children to love and care for…if you are feeling really low, please get yourself to your GP or ring one of the helplines out there. Try to look after yourself for your own sake and that of the twins…I shall be thinking of you so let us know how you are doing. Take care xx


Thank you… I have spoke to my gp and they are referring me x

My boyfriend died 3 weeks ago I totally know what your going through life is unbearable right now