I lost my lovely husband suddenly I’m so overwhelmed

I’m feeling so overwhelmed scared the loss of my lovely husband martin is I feel, sending me crazy I wish there was a group of people like me where you can meet face to face and talk as I find it easier to talk to a stranger than my beautiful family I can see my sons all so heartbroken at losing there wonderful dad the crying comes in waves you never know when I feel so lost lonely and heartbroken.


Hi my husband passed away in Jan 23 suddenly he was 43 years old . I too am feeling scared angry lost , and wish i was no longer here as life without him is unbearable. You can tey talking to cruse they have a free number or a online chat where you can talk to a therapist


@Ann9 @Taz21 . My heart goes out to you as it is such a difficult time.
I lost my lovely husband in Oct 22. He was fit and healthy so it was a shock to find out he had a rare cancer. He passed away three months later having spent most of that time in hospital.
The grief at first is unbearable but just let yourself grieve and take one day at a time. Everyone told me to do this and it helps. It does get slightly better but the bad days do come back, I am having one today.
Sending love and hugs xx


Hi lost my husband to cancer Oct 22 still can not get over the thought i will never see him again


My husband Martin died suddenly 18 th November 22
I’m trying to be positive working when I feel I can he was let down badly by GP and ambulance wasn’t sent I feel I have to speak up for him and I am but it’s very hard to focus when the only person you need to talk to isn’t there anymore and never will be .


So sorry for the loss of your husband i lost my husband to cancer Oct 22 and feel he was let down by the hospital he had a appointment and at the time he had started to turn yellow and his feet were swollon they check him over and then sent him home which made me so angry as it turned out his liver was slowly shutting down he passed away 3 days after the hospital appointment


@Ann9 I am so sorry to hear of your loss and understand completely your need to talk out your grief to others. Might I suggest the bereavement support group: https://way-up.co.uk/ Although, they’re an online group, they regularly arrange face to face meetings all over the country where people like us can meet with and enjoy the support of others. All of whom have and are experiencing exactly the same pains.


I’m so sorry that sounds so unbearable for you sending prayers to you xx

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Thankyou for your replies I do however find this site a struggle maybe as my head and heart heal I will understand much easier x

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@Ann9 We did our first zoom meet up tonight and I have set up more for 8 pm Friday nights for the next 7 weeks. If you want to give it a try here is the link

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Hello Anne - you expressed a wish for a group you could talk to so I wondered if you’ve heard of the Jolly Dollies? It’s a nation wide group for widows - they organise one to one chats, coffee mornings, holidays etc. You can Google for info or come back to me if you can’t find. I’ve joined my local group but haven’t yet felt up to a meet up, but it looks like a really supportive organisation.

Thankyou I will google now and you try to talk to, as I try to tell everyone that wants to listen to me ,except I can’t seem to talk to my family ie sisters or mum and my sons as I’m trying to be strong in front of them kind thanks Ann

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Thank you Jazpur I have signed up there’s one close to my area xx

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Yes cruse are brilliant on chat line. Highly recommend them if you wanna speak in depth - they’re very good :+1: