I lost my mum, my goddaughter and my sister in law

I lost my mum, my goddaughter and my sister in law 4weeks ago, all with 3 weeks of each other. When my mum died on 10th October I cried like I’ve never cried before but I’ve not been able to cry since. I just feel numb. I’m getting the day to day things done like cooking tea but not gone back to work yet, I just can’t face it. I’ve started drinking every night and can’t afford not to work. My husband has been so surportive and can’t do enough for me. I feel like I’m been week and should just get on with it. I just don’t know how.

Hello dunham2608,

What an incredibly difficult few weeks this has been for you. I’m so very sorry to hear that you lost your mum, goddaughter and sister in law in such a short space of time. It’s understandable that you’re feeling numb at the moment and there are others in this community who have talked about that feeling, so you’re not alone here.

It’s good to hear that your husband is being so supportive - having someone there for you can really make a difference. It’s important to look after yourself and not rush through your grief. It takes time to process all the different emotions that loss brings.

We have a couple of articles on our website that might be worth having a look at whilst your waiting for some supportive replies from community members:

Take care of yourself and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you

Thank you Elinor for you kind words. I have read the articals and they have really helped to know what I’m feeling is normal and it will et better.

Hi Dunham2608 Its not weak to feel how you are its been 1 week today since my husband passed away and i feel numb i feel scared im frightened of facing the future on my own ,you are doing ant we are all doing just managing to get though each day has it comes.Its good that you have a suportive husband that you can turn to. Dawne

Aww that is so awful just can’t put it into words to be honest.
You are strong and coping well doing the things that you are doing you have lost 3 people you love really close to you so quickly between each other.
Don’t worry about work! Just worry about your self.
I’m off work been off a while as my husband has just passed away he had terminal lung cancer at 63, I’m 57 was his funeral last week, I cried myself to sleep last night I have been so upset these last 2 days again.
I am devastated don’t know how I’m doing what I am doing every day as I am alone now too, my whole world has fallen apart.
I have a son who is in the forces!!!
Hardest thing for me is I no longer have my husband because it’s due to negligence.
I still have a long road to go down because I promised my husband I would sort everything out.
I am totally heartbroken.

Stay strong you will get through this and hopefully our brighter days won’t be too far away.
Sending you lots of love and hugs xxx

That’s awful for you … feeling numb has been a problem for me too. It’s a way of protecting yourself from really feeling your emotions. Things get so overwhelming g we try to protect ourselves.

Both my adult so s died and I am like this now … extreme shock I think.

I hope you soon start feeling better. Be kind to yourself and just go with how you feel. I am currently having counselling but I still feel like this.

Hugs from me, Sue

Hi Emily its my husbands funeral next Tuesday which I am having panic attacks about I don’t know how i will get though that. My husband had lung cancer but after having chemo and radiotherapy he was told the tumours had gone two days after receiving that news he was taken to hospital with pnewmonia and was unable to fight the infection John was 61 and i am 59 I feel so angry that we will not have any retirement together Dawne