I lost my mum over Christmas

Im so sad, overwhelming sadness i cant breathe. Keep taking deep breaths. My home is so quiet


I am so sorry, but know you are absolutely not alone. I just posted the thread “I lost my mom 2 weeks ago and the guilt is killing me” if you want to read it. I lost my mom December 29th unexpectedly. We lived together so I could take care of her and the home after my dad died. We talked every morning before I left for work, every day on my way home, and then I would go upstairs (I live in the basement) and visti with her and do anything she needed, then talk 1 or 2 more times before bed. She was such a part of my life and i loved her more than anyone in this world. We were basically the only family each other had. I found her passed away in her bed while we were waiting to see how she felt before going to the ER because she dreaded it so bad. I keep telling myself if I had forced her to go she would still be her. I am dying. Im so sorry you are too, but youre not alone and we are all trying to get through this together. I wish i had any words of wisdom to help you, but will be praying for you along with myself.

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hello marie0102, i’m sorry for your loss. you’re in pain because you mum mattered to you. you’re feeling the sadness to the very depths of your being because she mattered to you. you will miss your mum, just as i miss mine, because she still matters to you. keep breathing marie, it’s the only way we can heal ourselves. in time you will grow strong enough to take the pain and the silence.